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Professional Painting by Skoda Painting

We are a professional painting company servicing New York City and the other boroughs for 30 years with experience in all types of residential and commercial professional painting projects. We would be happy to provide you with references from our many satisfied clients. We work with General Contractors / Designers / Owners and Architects directly.

Professional Painting Services:

  • High-end Residential
  • Custom Interior Painting
  • Wallpaper
  • Brush and Spray applications
  • Paint, Plaster, Patch, Tape
  • Venetian Plaster
  • Plaster specialist
  • Decorative Painting / Faux
  • Touchup Specialist
  • Custom Designer Finishes
  • Cabinet Finishing
  • Commercial Interior Painting
  • Wood Staining

Some of our Completed Projects:

  • Private Residence at the Museum Tower, NYC
    Kondylis Design
  • St Elliot Townhouse Residence, Brooklyn NY
  • OSKA Boutique, 415 West Broadway, NYC
    Edda Jockisch, Architect
  • Private Residence, 907 5th Ave, NYC
    Silvina Goefron, Architect
  • L’Impero Restaurant, NYC
    Vincente Wolf Associates
  • Tudor City Grille Restaurant, NYC
    Vincente Wolf Associates
  • Private Home, Malba NY
  • Duplex Residence, 15 Central Park West, NYC
    Stern Projects
  • Private Residence, Whitestone NY
  • Elevator Hall Renovation, NYC
    Ethelind Coblin Architects PC
  • Private Residence, 255 West 90th Street
    Abigale Hess Interiors
  • Residence and Offices at 38th Street, Astoria